[leɪ] (past tense and past participle laid [leɪd] ) verb [T] I
1) to put someone or something down in a careful way, especially so that they are lying flat
Lay the baby on her back.[/ex]
He laid his coat across the arm of the chair.[/ex]
2) if a female animal such as a bird or fish lays an egg, it produces the egg by pushing it from its body
3) if you lay the table, you prepare a table for a meal by putting forks, knives, spoons, dishes etc on it
4) to carefully plan and prepare something
an agreement that laid the foundations for a lasting peace[/ex]
The gunman realized the police had laid a trap and surrendered.[/ex]
be laid up (in bed) with sth — to have to stay in bed as a result of being ill or injured[/ex]
He's still laid up with a bad back.[/ex]
lay the blame / responsibility (for sth) on — to say that someone or something is responsible for something that has happened[/ex]
Don't try to lay the blame on me.[/ex]
not lay a finger on sb — to not hit or harm someone in any way[/ex]
rest I
- lay sth down
- lay into sb
- lay sb off
- lay off (sb/sth)
- lay sth on
- lay sth out
Lay means to put something in a particular place or position: I always lay my clothes carefully on the chair when I undress. ♦ He laid the book on the desk. ■ Lie means to be in a particular place or position: I found the cat lying in front of the fire. ♦ He loves to lie on the beach all day. ♦ Papers were lying all over the desk. ■ Lay is also the past form of the verb lie: The book lay on the floor where I'd left it. II
lay [leɪ]
lacking professional or advanced knowledge of a particular subject
a book intended for a lay audience[/ex]
III lay the past tense of lie I

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